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    Founded in the Carolinas in 2014, Meeting Street Productions provides high-quality FILM, VIDEO, MUSIC AND EVENT production for clients around the world.  The innovative process from a fundamental concept to final product is unique and tailor-made to the individual project but each shares a similar theme of slightly disruptive storytelling.  

   The Meeting Street team has been in the music entertainment industry and event management for over 20 years, working alongside some of the largest music promoters in the industry including AEG and Live Nation.  Meeting Street quickly became an irreplaceable asset to large-scale music festivals through a distinctive management style, meticulous command of the production office and the unique artistic flair applied to artist dressing rooms and headliner compounds.

    Meeting Street Productions is headed by North Carolina native, CEO & Producer Kara Williamson. The collaborative team, handpicked by Kara, is comprised of diverse disciplines including mixed media, production, post-production, art direction, social media, management, music and event management, finance and investor relations.  Their varied and eclectic backgrounds help them deliver unparalleled dedication to each project and client, recognizing and respecting the balance between creative storytelling and financial responsibility on every project. 


We've got it all: The Brains and the Brawn

Kara Williamson

Founder, CEO, Producer

Kara is the Founder, CEO, and Producer of US-based Meeting Street Productions located in North Carolina. Kara is a highly regarded film, television and digital media production and distribution executive. She is well-respected for her creative approach, wide-ranging resourcefulness and deep industry knowledge. She is known for tackling the most demanding media and entertainment challenges, procuring her the disruptive nickname of "Khaos Boss".


She has a rich 20-year history, working in a variety of positions, both above and below the line, in all areas of entertainment. Her passion and creativity stems from her infectious love of life. She desires to create a better life for future generations through her prolific and visionary storytelling created through the lens of the camera. 


Kara has worked alongside some of the largest music promoters in the industry, including AEG and Live Nation.  She has quickly become an irreplaceable asset to the large-scale music festivals she manages by her meticulous command of the production office and distinctive management style.

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Andy Orgel

Executive Producer

Andy Orgel is Chairman & CEO, QOL Media, Inc., an investment and management portfolio of media and entertainment brands within the quality of life sector. His expertise is in the start-up of innovative, disruptive, global media networks in the U.S. and Europe. Following various positions at CBS, Andy was a founding executive at MTV, Nickelodeon, The Movie Channel, A&E, Wisdom Media, The Box Music Network and US West Interactive Video Enterprises, which created the first 3 digital TV networks. Andy advises the emerging cannabis lifestyle network, WeedTV,The Great DisruptorsTV show and more. He has created and led university courses on the global media landscape, sustainability, social impact and career opportunities for millennials in communications. Andy was labeled by Success Magazine as “an MTV Mastermind” and “the man who made TV interactive.”

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Brad Burton

Camera & Tech

Bradford Burton is a young visionary who is dedicated to creating and distributing art in the form of videography. Brad had his start at the Art Institute of Atlanta, studying video production, among other disciplines. During college, he interned for Pea Production as a personal assistant to the producer Airma Jones, transporting set props for music videos. His work experience post college lies with TBA, a Raleigh based stage hand company. For over a decade, Brad worked as an independent contractor with Live Nation. His responsibilities at Live Nation included changing sets, down rigging, equipment loading, camera operation and team management. Along with Brad’s extensive experience, his charming and easy-going personality makes him an honored team member at Meeting Street Productions.


Barbie Dugan

Production Manager

Barbie is the Production Manager for Meeting Street Productions. She is known for delicately providing the calm among the chaos. Her attention to detail, strict adherence to project budgets and protocols and dedication to the safety and well-being of employees and crew, Barbie ensures the professionalism that is Meeting Street Productions. Barbie's film career began when she signed on as one of the financial Executive Producers for the feature film, Union Bound. While filming, she discovered she could use her financial acumen and decades of management to provide the necessary balance between the business and creative sides of filmmaking.

Barbie has worked diligently to advance her expertise in management and "All Things Production". She has also worked in the production and accounting offices on several of the country's largest music festivals alongside promoters such as AEG and Live Nation.

Brittany Thornton

Social Media & Marketing

Brittany began her career working with regional theatres throughout southern New England, participating in many aspects of the artistic and technical side of live theater. She then began to stage manage and choreograph for regional productions in Litchfield County, Connecticut. Her talent was noticed and she branched out to working on higher level events such as an L.A. Fashion Week Gala event showcasing 10 designers, and numerous live performances.  These projects continued to grow personal relationships and lead to the assist of kick starting two event production companies. Brittany’s talent doesn’t end with the technical side of things. She also sells her own unique illustrations art through her independent store. As well as create websites and graphics for companies. Eventually winning her  a national design contest for The Jonas Brothers & Lenovo.

Brittany's love of film and production has come full circle by pairing with MSP and Reveal Live Entertainment and is quickly working her way up the chain to Associate Producer.


Production, post, & more

Now accepting applications for interns. Specifics on the jobs available and pay rates are based on each specific individual.

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