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Meeting Street Productions has had a busy few weeks! BIG announcements of new projects and events are coming soon but before that, we wanted to welcome our new MSP TEAM MEMBERS!


She will be joining our digital marketing and production team. Kim, a recent graduate of Capital University in Columbus, OH, will be heading up our blog, social media and a variety of other tasks in the office. In the past few years, Kim has worked in the music realm along side artists such as X Ambassadors, O Town & Red Wanting Blue.

Kim enjoys playing soccer and is a huge Cleveland sports fan. GO CAVS!


Lisa Marie joins started her media career on fast-forward by creating, casting, fully funding and nationally distributing her own talk Show Wake Up! within a 4 month window.Stars, sponsors and full crew willingly came to this grass root, first rate production project because of the authentic passion and execution Lisa brings. Those 5 shows were shot on 4 K film, 4 cameras, over 2 days – at the same studios where OWN began. She is the imagineer of all things possible, bringing all people needed to the table – no one is beyond reach, and everyone stays in the conversation because of her ability to include, bring mutual benefit and sustainability.

In her spare time, she delights in reading, cooking and meditating.


With a background in acting, singing and entertainment, Kristen will be a great addition to the team. As the Military Relations Manager, she will use her experience and interpersonal skills she is acquiring partnerships and financial backing to help provide quality film and entertainment. She has alliances with the military community and her creativity and work ethic has allowed her to form strong partnerships both in the military and beyond.

Kristen loves the beach, playing piano and traveling.

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