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Hailing from a small university in Columbus, Ohio, I majored in Communication with a focus in Electronic Media, Film and Entertainment Technology. Yes, it’s a mouthful and my Dad still has no idea what I majored in. Even though this is my first official job since graduating in May, I have had so many amazing opportunities in the entertainment industry. I have worked music festivals such as Bunbury Music Festival (Cincinnati, OH) and Rock on the Range (Columbus, OH). While finishing school, I worked for a music promoter and have worked along side Twenty One Pilots and X Ambassadors. Along with myself, MSP has increased their team with the likes of Belinda, Kristen and Lisa Marie. Meeting Street Productions in the past month has been extremely welcoming and kind. We have an incredible team of strong and intelligent women to complete any project that is presented to us. Even in my short time here I have learned so much which I hope to share in a future posts.

Check here for new postings on MSP’s new projects, industry tips and film fun from me!

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