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10,000 Miles & A Cloud of Dust Tour - Adventures with Prowess Pt. 3

Back to the music.....

The gang staying on the RV were the band, Scott (guitar), Kenny (bass), Dalton (lead singer), and Adam (drums) along with the two roadies, Ghost and Oz, the merch girl, Belinda and myself. Johnny and his dad followed along in their own car.

So from Greenville, SC, we headed south to Tallahassee, FL to perform along side Johnny Z, Pimp Lightning, and Her Only Theory. Get used to Johnny Z's name because this kid-prodigy and his father traveled with Prowess for 7 tour dates through South Carolina and Florida, then will pick them up again on the backside of the tour in the Midwest. MAN, THAT'S ONE COOL DAD! Johnny is going to be a rockstar on the first day of school and his 'WHAT I DID THIS SUMMER' story!

From there, we went to Greenacres, FL. I haven't ever seen the show, but the ride from Tallahassee to Greenacres was full of this dang theme song...

It will haunt me in my dreams. These shows went so well and the boys were really getting in the groove of the tour, it was awesome to observe!

Stop #4 was Bombshell Tavern in Orlando, FL. It was a super eclectic dive bar with vintage furniture and dark red curtains. They had gargoyles on each side of the bar. IT WAS SUPER COOL! Again Johnny Z opened the show and was followed by some really amazing and original local acts from Orlando. The Prowess Tribe that came out really had a full night of music! There were a total of 7 bands on the list. After Prowess played, a Marilyn Manson look-alike band took the stage and another band that was more 80s Glam-Rock after that. The music was pumping until 1am and hit all kinds of rock genres.

The last stop I was on was New Port Richey for a day block party of rock! One major highlight of the bar was the KICK BUTT BACON MAC-AND-CHEESE they gave us! I cannot describe how GOOD this mac-and-cheese was! The music was good too, but come on, the mac-and-cheese....

And there ended my life as a Rock and Roller. After New Port Richey, I headed home and the boys continued on to one more Florida date then on to Texas and the West Coast.

And the first thing I did after leaving that bus was EAT VEGETABLES. The rock star diet of Little Ceaser's pizza, beer and coffee everyday is NOT FOR ME!

I have been keep up to date with their even crazier adventures since I left and KEEP YOUR EYES HERE OR ON MSP SOCIAL MEDIA for more recap videos and updates on their 10,000 Miles & A Cloud of Dust Tour.

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