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Goodbye from Kim

Hello All!

Thank you so much for such a great year! I have thoroughly enjoyed writing these blog posts and sharing my wild adventures with you all. It was a hard decision, but I have decided to move my talents to the shores of Lake Erie in Cleveland, Ohio. Working for Meeting Street Productions has been amazing. I have done so much from directing a music video for a Brazilian pop star to traveling on a RV with a 4-man Rock band and 2 dude roadies. GOOD TIMES. GOOD TIMES.

Back on subject: I know what you guys are thinking... Cleveland, ugh.

But this video was done as a joke, and Cleveland is actually a great city to live in. Surprisingly, it has a large film industry with films such as Fast and the Furious 8, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and The Christmas Story (of course.).

Again, I wanted to thank you all for reading my rants and random thoughts on Meeting Street Activities and Entertainment News. Keep your eyes here for more MSP news and updates from the new Producer's Assistant, Rhyn.

Stay Weird,


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