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MSP Team In Las Vegas

A three woman MSP team is taking on Las Vegas for the month working on a huge 4 day launch event for the Players Network. To be honest, we had very little information when we accepted the job and walked into complete chaos and lots of smiling faces eager to pass the buck to the professionals… our timeline began like this…

We flew in on Thursday September 7th. The flight was fairly uneventful except for the fact that both my travel companions HATE flying! After retrieving our bags I proceeded to stand in line for the next two hours to get a rental car from Avis but then we were off to find the hotel previously booked by the team here in Vegas. The hotel that was arranged seemed to be the only hotel that “closes” at 11pm…I have to wonder, why does a hotel in general, but especially in Las Vegas, not have at least one employee on 24 hours… but I digress…after sitting in the lobby for 45 minutes ringing the bell on the front counter and looking for anyone who worked at the establishment, we gave up and booked a room through Of course when we arrived at the new hotel with a confirmed reservation, the nice gentleman simply smiled and said he could find no details of the reservation. Ok, so what does that mean was my response. At this point it was 5 am east coast time and all we wanted to do was crash. He ended up working some magic, apparently taking pity on my tired face and blood shot eyes. We ended up getting a very nice room which only cost 28 dollars after taxes!

The next morning we were at the office bright and early and have not stopped working since! This event has so many moving parts all which need to be managed and scheduled down to the last detail with incredible precision. Throughout the 4 day event, we will not only be managing and producing the event itself, but we will also be overseeing the filming and delivery of 7 TV shows….seriously, I have to question our sanity at this point!

To make things even more exciting, our team has suffered some health setbacks: Team member # 1: Kara: broke her last two toes on her right foot the day the day we left. She slammed her foot into a trunk as she was flying out of the closet in a mad rush to pack before the flight. I have to give her props though…somehow the massive pain and audible crunch of her bones barely phased her…honestly I think my uncontrollable laughter pissed her off even more. I wasn’t laughing at her pain, but the look on her face and the sound of the crunching somehow tickled me. So she has been in pain and hobbling around like a little old lady but hiding it well until its time to take her shoe revealing the massive swelling…good times… Team member # 2: Rhyn-a-cane: poor little youngster had a wicked migraine a few nights ago. It was another 15 hour work day and the last few hours you could tell something was just not quite right. Her eyelids got progressively heavy as the bright lights seared into her brain, but she held on like the trooper she is until we got back to the hotel. In one swift move, her clothes were off, pjs on and snoring softly cuddled with her faithful stuffed Sloth, NJ. She didn’t move for the next 6 hours which thankfully was the longest we have been gifted with sleep since we arrived. Team member #3: Barbie: I have had my share of “issues” lately as well. If anyone knows me, you are aware that my back goes out several times a year and apparently my body decided I should have some pity as well. I wish the story was more eventful but it just takes the littlest thing to set off the “twinges” . In this case it was a 4 step walk from the bed to the hotel room door to put on the Do Not Disturb sign…seriously I ask you?

Tomorrow begins the week of mayhem, stay tuned for further updates!

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