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Las Vegas

I just want to take a few minutes and really let everyone know this tragedy hits home for many of us. Not only for the loss and devastation of each of the these families but this is an industry that has always been considered fun and exciting and now threatened by the world around us. Unfortunately for over a year now many of us have wondered in the music industry when and if this would hit home and unfortunately last night it did.

Fortunately, my crew and I left Vegas last night and managed to avoid all the devastation. But that being said, we left behind crew members and friends, and their families that are dealing with this tragedy today. Please take a moment and really think about what Vegas is dealing with and how we as a unit can come together through the strength of music to stop this kind of terrorism and stop this kind of action. There is a lot of love and peace in Vegas and hopefully all of us can find that again. Prayers for everyone!

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