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What is MSP up to this week?

So where to begin..? As Barbie wrote a few weeks ago our team was living the production dream in Las Vegas. The evening Rhyn and I left for LA, Barbie headed to Phoenix. The horrific acts were unfolding; hitting as close to home as ever. It was a very emotional time for us since the past month found us living, eating and developing local relationships in the Las Vegas community.

SO through the haze of the first few days of this week we took on Los Angeles with a storm. Meetings after meetings wrapped around casting calls mixed with some good food slung shot us all the way to Thursday. Next thing I knew we had landed in San Francisco having more meetings and I am barely able to keep my eyes open. This week has been filled with ups and downs of grieving along with bucket list kinda fun. I watched a sunset on the PCH last night during the drive up from LA to San Francisco. One of those sunsets that meets the harvest moon as it drops. Absolutely breathtaking! We have eaten food up and down the Cali coast and I expect to do a lot more of the foodie stuff this weekend in Chico. We are leaving San Fran tonight and heading north. Can’t wait to see another city this week! Stay tuned for another update on our west coast adventure.

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