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Sunday Football Funday; or was it?

The team here at MSP was looking forward to the 1pm football game between the Carolina Panthers and the Chicago Bears. We were at the grocery store bright and early to get the necessary provisions before heading to the airport to pick up Rhyn. Poor thing hasn’t had a day off much less a vacation in months so figured it was time.

Energy was high as we watched the lead up to kickoff; however our excitement was quickly dashed as we watched the Bears capitalize on two mistakes by our offense which resulted in Chicago touchdowns. To make a long story short, the Panthers only managed to put up one field goal in 4 quarters of play…a pitiful spectacle to say the least.

I am left speechless as I pull myself together and forge ahead. Now that the game is over it is time to regroup and get ready for the big week ahead. We will be heading to Asheville on Wednesday morning for a few meetings and then off to Louisville, KY to meet with Lisa Marie and a few other Kentuckites. The leaves in the Appalachian Mountains should be beautiful this time of year, just what we need to keep us laser focused. Good things happening here at MSP, stay tuned for updates on our adventures!

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