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Thanksgiving Weekend at MSP

Thanksgiving weekend has been wonderful and crazy here at MSP. Thanksgiving morning started off with the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade playing in the living room and the beginnings of nonstop action in the kitchen. We managed to avoid catastrophe and emerged victorious over our 13 pound fried turkey, thanks mainly in part to the constant vigilance of Belinda. She was on turkey duty while Kara, Rhyn and myself were in charge of the rest of the feast which consisted of the usual suspects: stuffing, sweet potato casserole, green bean casserole and a potato surprise Kara whipped up on the fly. Instead of the traditional pumpkin pie, Rhyn decided on a gluten free, dairy free, mixed berry cheesecake (minus the cheese) which was actually fantastic.

Friday and Saturday was back to work as usual; with Saturday being the first meeting between

the kids from the POP program, the production crew and our newly found fashion designer, Luis Machicao. We had met with Luis a few weeks ago in Charlotte and immediately fell in love with his energy and creativity and knew he would fit seamlessly into the mix. We filmed for 3 hours with Luis getting to know each of the 5 POP kids and their parents. The energy in the room was intense but sincere and the stories shared were absolutely magical. By the end of the filming experience, I think all the kids (and parents) felt they had genuinely found a new advocate who would truly listen and be able to create a line of clothing to fit their unique needs.

The remainder of Saturday found us MSP girls at a charming christmas tree farm. Having heard there was a shortage of christmas trees this year due to the devastating fires in the region, we took it upon ourselves to be proactive in the hunt for the perfect christmas tree. We quickly found our target and the four of us took turns on the ground sawing away. Within minutes we emerged with the newest member of our little family.

We truly have so much to be thankful for and this weekend was a shining example of the numerous gifts we have been blessed with in our lives!

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