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Oprah's Powerful Words

Oprah was honored with the Cecil B DeMille Lifetime Achievement Award Sunday night on the stage of the Golden Globes. Her speech was so eloquent, so passionate and so insightful I found myself watching it again and again. She managed to capture in a 15 minute speech what it has taken women decades to articulate. But because it was Oprah, I think the message was finally heard and accepted.

To all those amazing women who have fought the fight of respect and equality, the fight to overcome harassment and degradation, the fight to stand in the same room and be heard, the fight to speak your truth without the penalty of persecution, we honor you, we celebrate you and we will make you proud!

Oprah's message inspired all of us at MSP: to do better, do more, be more, love more and stand up for our truths…all of which we can do through powerful storytelling. 2018 is our year, look out world, here we come!!

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